Altitude Pur Sport is an unique link between you and your body.

A cosy place where we can offer you a choice of packages and weekends, including a place to stay, breakfast and the possibility of discovering or doing one or several of our activities adapted to your taste and your fitness level. An atmosphere that is 100% sports and relaxation. What better mix ?


 Beginner or advanced training sessions:

Trail, cross country running in the mountains on predefined paths, general physical training, as well as Yoga and pilates sessions.


Recovery :

Using softer methods such as Hamac yoga, working in water, and stretching to enhance and complete your more intensive sports sessions. 


Lessons :

Either private individual lessons or in small groups.


Dynamic Yoga


A sequence of positions associated with breathing make this a more ‘physical’ yoga which renews your energy “Breath brings our body and mind together” 

Hamac Stretch Yoga

A completely new and innovative method – to be tried as soon as possible !

This method mixes yoga and pilates and allows you to tone but also to stretch your whole body, as well as to take the pressure off your spine, and “hang”  in mid air. Who has never dreamt of defying the laws of gravity and having his or her body free, suspended in the air !

Mat Pilates

This is a lesson using mat-work and is put together based on a series of precise pilates movements. Pilates, invented by Joseph Pilates almost 100 years ago is a real ‘therapy’ that allows you to develop your strength and become more supple whilst respecting your joints and your body in general. 

Physical training

Aqua Fit


If you like running and you like Nature you will love our trail paths!

We have either a relaxed lesson of ‘stretching’ done in the water, or a more dynamic option of Aqua- biking

Work your body with a series of physical exercises carefully chosen to allow you to prepare your body better for whatever activity you do, (be it different competitive sports or leisure sports) and to reach your annual objectives (trekking, trail, biking, marathon etc.).

« Be nice to your body so that your soul wants to stay there » 


Indian proverb.


*Please book your lessons as we are limited to 10 people per lesson. If you need to cancel please do so at least 12 hours before the lesson.


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